Friday, April 11, 2008

There ain't no innoculation against bacterial Eureka

I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about this blog. I often wonder, what am I going to write about? I come with some thing great, something really great and mentally check that item off in the do to list of my mind.

Big mistake.

I walk trough life in a haze - a gut churning feeling that I had the single best idea of my life, but since forgot it. Constantly. I just can't be always writing things down. sometimes my hands are full. Or I'm in the middle of doing the dishes. Or out with friends. I can't constantly be whipping out a voice recorder in the middle of someone's story about their Patagonian vacation. I mean, I write down a lot of ideas - just, it seems, none of the good ones.

I sit down at my 'puter, flex my fingers over the wireless keyboard... and realize that idea I've been dying to add to digital memory all day is gone. And it was good.

Or maybe I only thought it was good. You ever get an idea in the middle of the night that excites you so much you can't go back to sleep, but then in the morning you think about it and it is clearly a steaming pile of tar sap? That happens too.

But some of them surely must be good. Some of the lost ideas. I walk around in a fog borne of evaporated inspiration, the very air around me is largely part oxygen, part nitrogen, part world shattering insights. No matter how hard I scrub my hands, there's always little particles of sub-atomic stories that get on my food, and leave me when I shake hands with people. Or get stuck on a subway pole, only to be transferred to someone else like a bacterial Eureka.

The next time you're on the Bloor/Danforth line and you get a good idea, that's mine you mo-fo!

I'm infecting the world with thoughts trickling out some tiny hole in the back of my head. Every time my cat grooms himself, he's swallowing the solution the second act problems I'm having with my likable villain. I'm sure that once I heard my downstairs neighbour dusting, and suddenly exclaim, "Hey, I know how to interweave the B-story! What's a B-Story!?"

Now, I want you to understand that I'm not paranoid. Just because I've taken to wrapping my head in tin foil to keep the ideas in, doesn't mean anything.

Now, if only I could remember a good subject to write a blog entry about...

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