Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is it just me?

Are we in a televisional gulf right now? Why does it seem like there was tons of stuff and now nothing I want to watch? Did I suddenly mature last weekend? ;The only current show we're watching is Canterbury's Law. Yeah, exactly. I guarantee you it was pitched to Fox as "House in a courtroom."

Has the US election dropped off the radar? It used to be everywhere, but the only thing I've heard in the last little while is both Obama and Hillary think the other guy "could still win." What kind of a campaign is that? BRING ME BLOOD!

Was this last winter extremely bad, weather wise? (This one's for my Toronto fans!) I think I must have suffered some level of emotional trauma over the winter, because now with the warmer weather, all I can think of is, "Some day it'll get cold again." I'm like a dog who's been beat too much, right Bruce? Right? I spent half my life just a coverin' up, now.

Juno's soundtrack is great but the movie was just trying way too hard. Or not enough. How many people watched that movie and when they met Jason Bateman's character thought, "Hey! This could work out without any problems!"

Who told Adam "Opera Man" Sandler he was Tom "Bosom Buddy" Hanks? I'm not usually one to bash someone just doing their best to entertain us (at least not publicly) but Adam, buddy, there's a whole emotional range between mumbling and shouting. Oh, yeah, we watched Spanglish last night. Should have opened with that.

Is it easier to write a whole bunch of barely connected things than actually have something to say that could fill up a post on its own? Or that just me?

Do most people decide what colour to paint their walls with more serious thought then they give to getting pregnant and having a child? "Let's get pregnant. Now, should the baby's room be this colour... or this colour? Are you even listening to me?"

Do you think Dubya would dare invite the Pope to the White House if he was worried about getting re-elected? Do you think he was like a kid who has a friend his parent's don't approve of? "But why can't the Pope sleep over? We'll be quiet! I promise!"

What would you do on a sleep over with the Pope? I'd blow up condoms and stuff them in his sleeping bag. And then we'd laugh...

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