Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunny Weather!

So, after a hectic week (with no time to post) the sun is out and shining down its' rays of warm warm love to the people.

But I got more work to do. I am beginning to suspect that I will never do anything fun, ever again.

And that's not even why I wanted to talk to you today. No, friends, today's sermon is about something that I think I touched on in a much earlier post. (Oh yeah, for those of you waiting on baited tinder hooks, I will absolutely get back to the writing assignment I had started. The one about the hats. I will. When I run out of things to rant about!)

There's a time in our lives when many of us honestly believe we're going to be big shot famous celebrities. Whether we think singing or sports or acting or (be afraid) writing or whatevschooly, we enjoy it and have a certain talent at it and that's all, right?


You gotta chase it.

Sure, there are some people who are born to famous parents or who are in the right place at the right time, but I'm not talking about them. Because, quite frankly, they're probably not looking for career advice. Even then, if they want to be more than a footnote in Pappy's A&E Biography Special they gotta chase it too. It's just a little easier for them.

It's not enough to have talent. You gotta have drive. You gotta wake up every morning thinking about how you're gonna get closer to where you want to be by the end of the day. And it's hard, especially in the early stages when it feels like nothings happening.

But even that's not what I really wanted to say. That's all setting the scene. You've heard all that before. What I want to touch on is people who seem to have the talent, seem to have the drive... and then drop out of the race.

We've all got a comfort zone. Sure, everyone wants more money, bigger house, faster cars. But different people need a different base lifestyle in order not to panic about it. It's different for everyone. For some people, its money. For others, its owning a house or having kids. For some people, it is finding a relationship as close to your parent's relationship as you can get. And it is weird that one day someone's right there, making plans for this and that and going to classes and putting on shows and then the next day, they just stop pushing.

They've reached their comfort level.

They have decided that what they would have to give up to keep chasing it isn't worth it. Here's where "it's me or the band" comes in. And I'm not talking about people who never achieve any level of success, I include those who get to a certain stage in their career and become content to stay there. They like the money, or maybe the big fish small pond thing. Maybe they got into journalism to break hard hitting stories and expose corruption, but now they're very happy editing for Train Man, the guy's magazine for locomotive buffs. Why did their goals change?

Whatever happened, they found their comfort level.

And we should be happy for them - because they're happy. Just in a different way than they thought they would be.

But I will say this, they are probably out enjoying this sunny day right now, while I'm home writing into a blog.

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