Monday, April 28, 2008

Make money on the internet! Guarenteed! Work from home!

I was going to give you a little rant about happiniess. And it was going to go something like this...

Leo Tolstoy once wrote that "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

If you want to sound smart, open with a quote. Not only does it make you sound like you once read a book, but it is always easier to steal something from someone smarter than you than to actually say something intrinsically smart.

Then I was going to get into my little pet twist on that. How individuals are unhappy in the same way, but each of us finds happiness in unique ways. We all get down when confronted with money troubles, relationship problems, a job we don't like, but what does it take to make someone truely happy in their life? Ah, that depends on the person, n'est pas? (N.B. using words from another language makes you look smart too. Oh, and using the notation N.B. isn't bad either.)

I was probably going to follow that up with evidence drawn from my own experiences, only keep them vague enough so I avoid mentioning anyone by name. They would probably be circuitous and hard to follow, with some jokes shoehorned in there awkwardly, like a clown performing at a share holders' meeting. You know, in a company that doesn't have clowns. I think if you had a publicly traded clown talent agency, then the clown wouldn't be out of place. But I digress. (Digressions make you look stupid, unless you acknowledge them.)

But I'm not going to do any of that, because as I was Googleing the quote to remind myself who said it (admitting you don't know something equals dumb) I came across a site that sold Term Papers. I think perhaps the name was poorly chosen, because it included plagiarism in the url. Seems to me you're cramping on my plausible deniability, there. (Sometimes, playing dumb is the smartest thing you can do.)

And that's when it hit me - the single greatest business venture of our time. A website that sold prewritten blog entries! Think about it! I'd never have to sweat over another missed deadline because I was too lazy to come up with something! I could just browse on over to www.greatblogideas/, click through the categories until I came up with something on writing; funny; smart; surprising; original... and I'd have it!

What would be even better if you could feed in a quote, or pick one out of a list, and presto, a whole blog would be written for you! Think how many postings you do in a day! The internet would be yours for the taking!

I'm sure there's some code savvy types out there who could do that, no problem. I'm not one of them, but I present this idea to them. Go on, basement dwellers of the world. Pick up this gauntlet I throw down in front of you.

I can't wait. Maybe I'll just do a little copy and paste action in the meantime...

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