Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Fleeting 15 Minutes of Game

I got burnt out there for a while. I know people who keep much more punishing schedules than I do, but writing and other creative pursuits... it is hard to simply tighten your schedule and keep going when you have extra work to do. Sure, the work tends to expand to fill the deadline - and beyond, at times - but just cramming in more deadlines might work for more logistical tasks but not so much for creative ones.

For instance, I imagine being the president of the United States is a very busy job. He (and not she) gets by on very little sleep. If something else needs to get done, well then Mrs. Landingham simply squeezes in an extra 15 minutes. You can't do the same thing with writing - at least, not with any expectation of actually producing something worth reading. There are certain limits you come up against in terms of inspiration, energy and time management. I learned the hard way you can't just say, "Oh, another project at the same time? I'll just add another 15 minutes to my day to do it." Nope. Sometimes it takes longer than those 15 minutes. And besides, that cuts severely into my video game schedule.