Friday, April 4, 2008

Footloose and Fancy Free!

Much of my life is modeled on the Muppet Movie. A flick that I'm sure will be recovered in a thousand years and turned into a religion. Time will be expressed B.K. and A.K. (Before and After Kermit). Muppets Tonight will be rightly dismissed as Apocrypha. Theologians will argue how many of Gonzo's chickens can dance on the head of a pin, and elaborate rituals will be undertaken to ensure that your protected against the sinful mutterings of Statler and Waldorf. The only part they don't like will be pigs in space, because by that time they will have conclusively proved that pigs can not fly space ships. Cows make much better astronauts.

The reason I'm humming an upbeat number from Kermit and Fonzie is entirely due to the mail. You see, as a self employed freelancer, checking the mail is exactly like playing the lottery. Each time you have big expectations, but most times you are deeply, deeply disappointed. And sometimes, you are in for s big surprise. We never know exactly when money is going to be coming in, so when it does it is like it comes out of nowhere. And it is usually so far behind the actual work that it really does seem divine.

I guess, somewhere, the lord Kermit is watching out for me. Through the intervention of his... uh... nephew Robin. Nephew. Right.

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