Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Object at Rest; Shakespeare Blinking

Well, okay.

I've had this blog waiting for me for some time now. But this is my first post. Not because I haven't had anything to say, whether it be interesting, useful or simply inspiring. Almost everything I say could be listed under one or more of those three headings. Or so I keep telling people.

No, this is my first post because I live my life firmly guided by the Newtonian principles of inertia - an object at rest tends to stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force. Or to put it into laymen's terms, it's like the time you faked sick to stay home from school, but miraculously got better as soon as you could hear your friends playing outside when school was over.

I am an awful self motivator. Just awful. I think maybe I'm getting a little better. How can I tell? Well... I'm starting this blog. Score one for me.

I'm still brand new to this blog thing. I know these days your blog hardly counts if you don't have something blinking and filled with pictures. Naked celebrities, if at all possible. But for now, I'm keeping it simple - black text on white background. I know, it seems like something out of a black and white film (or I'm guessing - my entire sum of classic film knowledge can be summed up thusly... 1) Rosebud is the sled. 2) Soylent Green is people. However, I have never actually seen the middle of either movie, I tend to fall asleep and then wake up at the seemingly less than climatic moment. What was I saying...?) but I'm a writer. For me, it has always been about the words and the ideas, whether it is movies or books or songs. And than means I got a hard on for anything that allows the words to be front and center. Would Shakespeare's plays have been better if they had been blinking?

All that being said, the instant I learn how to post pictures of naked celebrities, they'll be here.

Oh yeah, that was the point I was coming to. The links on this age will be few and far between. It seems the thing to do these days is to trade on someone else's content online to get traffic for yourself. Almost every blog I look at someone simply links to someone else's story or research or video and calls themself a journalist. Look around the internet a bit - who out there has something actually original to say? And I don't mean another endless regurgitation of the latest fad in pop culture referencing. Your in depth wiki guide to the abilities and limitations of the original KITT does not count as original. Hipsters be warned.

(Note to self: Topic for next post - When did Hipsters and Nerds start to blend together? Are Hipsters just Nerds that listen to Arcade Fire?)

And in conclusion, I'm going to leave you with a quick tip for what to do when you want to wrap up something you've been writing, but you have no idea how. Type "and in conclusion" and anything you write after that will seem like a satisfying ending.

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