Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here's an easy one for me...

Random Thoughts for June 27th...

1) There are two types of people in the world; those who planned ahead and booked off the Monday before Tuesday’s Canada Day holiday and those who we’ll be calling in sick.

2) The “cool factor” of your new phone is exactly proportional to the “I want to strangle you factor” for your fellow street-car riders as you try to decide on a ring tone. Will be Jazz Notes 3 or Happy Techno? Dude, set up your phone at home.

3) HBO is new show is about vampire’s coming out of the closet in the Deep South, and it is being written by Alan Ball. Oh, and the vampires are discriminated against. Spot the subtext.

4) For reasons my lawyer has asked me not to go into, I never see any television commercials. Actually, I go to quite a bit of trouble to avoid them. So, yeah, feel free to describe your current favourite spot at length. Cause I really feel like I’m missing out.

5) Actually a follow up to the above. The commercial is only 30 seconds long. If your description of it hits the ten minute mark, something’s very, very wrong.

6) I actually hate people who have laptops with batteries that... you know... work. Look at you, sitting on the patio in the nice weather, totally unconcerned by a lack of electrical outlets. How I loathe thee.

7) I was just informed by a reliable source that nurses can’t get fired. How this policy can actually lead to a shortage of nurses is a mystery to me.

8) If you're going to put a date into your blog post, it is probably a good idea to actually post it on that date.

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